Underwater Ocbservatory and Glassboat

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Busena Marine Park
  • Is there a parking lot? Is there a fee for using it?

    There is a large parking space for 200 cars and is free for all visitors.

    Please inform the security guard that you are here for the Busena Marine park.

  • Are reservations necessary?

    Reservations are recommended for groups of 10 people or more.

  • What payment methods are accepted?

    Only Japanese yen cash is accepted.

  • Can you exchange currencies (from a foreign currency to Japanese yen)?

    We are sorry, but we cannot exchange currencies.

    There is an ATM at a nearby convenience store (about 1km to the right on the route 58).

  • Do you have foreign language speaking staff?

    The staff at the ticket booth speak basic English.

  • How much time does the tour take?

    About 20 minutes for the glass-bottom boat.

    You can spend as much time as you want observing in the underwater tower
    (but you cannot enter again after exiting).

    If you do both the boat tour and the underwater observatory tower,
    it will take you from one hour to an hour and a half, including the time it takes from and to the parking lot.

  • Is there an age limit on those using the facilities?

    There is no age limit.

    But you have to descend a steep spiral stairway (50 steps) to enter the underwater observatory tower,
    and you have to walk across a floating pier to enter the glass-bottom boat,
    so be certain to confirm in advance concerning people who have difficulty walking,
    pregnant women, and people accompanying small children.

    ・This is what the floating pier looks like.

    ・This is what the inside of the underwater observatory tower looks like.

    (This is a Japanese language blog, but you can check out the photographs of the floating pierand the underwater observatory tower.)

  • How long does it take to walk from the parking lot to the boat pier and to the underwater observatory tower?

    From the parking lot to the boat pier takes about 10 minutes and to the underwater observatory tower about 15 minutes on foot.

    We also a provide a complimentary shuttle bus that goes from the ticket booth (beach house) near the parking lot and all around the park (buses come at 20 minute intervals).

  • Are there places to eat inside the park?

    There is a restaurant in the next-door “Busena Terrace Hotel.”

    Please refrain from eating boxed lunches, etc. and drinking inside the facilities.

  • What are the most crowded times?

    From about 9 am to 11 am and 3pm to 4pm.

  • Are there toilets inside the underwater observatory tower and the boat?

    No, there are not. But there are toilet behind the ticket booth, one along the walkway near the boat pier, and another inside the building just in front of the bridge that leads to the underwater observatory tower.

The bridge to the Underwater Observatory tower.

The bridge to the Underwater Observatory tower.

The staircase of the Underwater Observatory tower.

The staircase of the Underwater Observatory tower.

Boat pier.

Boat pier.

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